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Last week we shared with you some of our favorite trail inspired films to help pass the time. This week we thought we’d kick up the films a bit with our favorite outdoor action films. While some of the acting may not hold up to John Candy in  The Great Outdoors, most of these are pretty humorous and nostalgic to go back and watch. We would be remiss if we didn’t say these films brought about some inspiration in our youth.


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Getting to the summit of any climb is always a dreamy achievement, but the real thrill is typically in the ascent and descent. Originally based on a play,  K2 pushes the limits for two climbing partners as they attempt to climb the world’s second-highest peak. One of the most accurate parts about this entire film might be one climber’s argument with their spouse about going on a climbing trip. We’ve all been there…

Vertical Limit

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After watching K2, you may want to revisit the world’s most dangerous summit as Robin, sorry… we mean Peter Garrett attempts to rescue his sister who’s expedition team is trapped above the “death zone” of the summit. With other stars like the late great Bill Paxton, this Hollywood take on climbing was big on drama and low on mountaineering reality.


Cliff Hanger

Cliffhanger Movie Poster

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The first four minutes of this film may be tragically the best four minutes out of any of these films. You’ll be sure to double-check your gear after that scene… and if you haven’t learned anything by watching the previous two films mentioned you should probably watch this how-to video. Regardless of accuracy, Cliff Hanger was a favorite of ours as a lot of Sylvester Stalone’s films are, plus you have to love that they burn a briefcase of hundies just to stay warm! 

Touching the Void

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While maybe not as flashy as some of the other films we’ve mentioned, Touching the Void is an excellent docudrama following two climbers and their perilous journey up the west face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985. The entire story may feel a little more “serious” than some of the aforementioned films, but we really think you will dig it. 

Dante's Peak 

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A favorite among us that live our lives in the shadows of Cascade Volcanoes, this blockbuster starring Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton was filmed around Mt Baker in the North Cascades.  With cataclysmic special effects and a hero who happens to be a scientist, this movie not only captured our imaginations back in the day but also made everyone with an SUV want to run out and put a snorkel on their rig.

The Man that Skied Down Everest

The Man Who Skied Down Everest Movie Poster

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One day while sitting on the couch a month ago Prime Video had this as a recommended film.  This documentary tells the story of Japanese daredevil Yuichiro Miura’s 1970 effort to ski down Mt Everest.  The film is actually well done and captures a by-gone era of Everts expeditions.  Personally we love seeing the old gear, a quieter base camp than these days, the willingness to risk it all, and Miura’s personal account of this endeavor and his love of the mountains.

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