End of an era! Goodbye Lunar Solo LE!

End of an era! Goodbye Lunar Solo LE!

Many people have been asking us lately about the Lunar Solo LE. It was recently pulled from our website.

We've been working hard in recent months to look at new materials for shelter construction. For many years, we've relied on 30D silicone nylon as our primary choice of material.

However, with the increasing market in light weight shelters, fabric manufactures have been working on new fabrics with different weights and coatings. Many of the advances incorporate things that we've been wanting for the last decade. A couple of the new features of these advanced materials includes minimum stretch and significantly enhanced water resistance. 

Over the next few months we will be bringing out our 2018 lineup of shelters. Many of the shelters will be incorporating these new fabrics. 

Our Lunar Solo flag ship shelter will be one of the first to utilize the fabrics. The increased water resistance eliminates the need for the thicker floor on the LE model. Additionally the fabric is less expensive than Silnylon. So we'll be able to provide an ultralight high quality shelter at a reasonable cost. 

We'll also be making the Lunar Solo available in a couple of colors. So you'll have some variety. 

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