Dealer Spotlight

Dealer Spotlight Outdoor Gear Maniacs

Dealer Spotlight Outdoor Gear Maniacs

  Setev with his team

Outdoor Gear Maniacs and online store Outdoor Selection is the go-to source for specialty ultra-light gear in Japan. OGM has been a dealer of Six Moon Designs products since he started his company. 

 Founded by Canadian born Steve Meyers in 2009, he started his company to fill a void he saw in the Japanese market.  Steve wanted to help others understand and begin adopting the new light-weight and ultra-light gear that was gaining popularity in the US and Japan.  He built his company around these products and set himself as a distributor to help smaller specialty shops across Japan provide gear to those customers looking to go lighter in their outdoor pursuits. 

 OMM 2nd place

Steve understands that good equipment doesn’t always make for a better adventure in the wilderness, but it can certainly make things easier in some situations.  Valuing gear that is high-quality, light in weight, and still affordable Steve saw that Six Moon Designs was a perfect fit for his company.

Besides being an avid hiker himself, Steve is also a lover of good coffee.  He started a series called Coffee Time with Steve, where he shows off options for making a great cup of joe in the backcountry with products from Toaks, Maxi, and Firebox.  These events have become very popular in Japan and allow Steve to meet with customers and learn more about what type of products they are looking for.


Outdoor Gear Maniacs and Six Moon Designs also have a mountain running team we co-sponsor in Japan.  Runners Take-pu and Asuka are consistently top finishers in their field, recently they finished 2nd Place in the OMM race in Japan, they were competing in the highest-level race at the event, which consisted of a 60K completely self-supported race through the mountains including having to overnight during the race.  With just a couple of Flight 30 packs and a Lunar Solo to keep them safe and warm, all of us couldn’t be prouder of their success.


If you are in Japan and looking for some great lightweight gear to use exploring many of Japan’s wonderful trails then check out Outdoor gear maniacs and Moonlight Gear.

outdoor gear maniacs

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