Dealer Spotlight

Dealer Spotlight-Mountain Shop, Portland, OR

Dealer Spotlight-Mountain Shop, Portland, OR


In 2003 the Mountain Shop in Portland, OR became the first Six Moon Designs dealer in the US.  As two local companies, it was a perfect pairing of a new ultra-light brand working with a well-respected outdoor shop to help bring these new designs to market.


Located in North East Portland in the heart of the Hollywood district.  The shop is soon to celebrate its 81st Anniversary, making it the oldest mountaineering/outdoor store in North America.  With its rich history of providing not only quality gear but knowledge of routes and terrain for early pioneers of mountaineering, skiing, and hiking in the Cascade Mountains, the shop continues this tradition today.  The Mountain Shop’s staff are not just avid experts in gear, but each and every one of the departments has experts in the field of specialty they aid customers in.


The Backpacking Departments two main faces are Steve Korpi and Gary “Shutterbug” Lawton.  Steve is not only an avid backpacker, he is also a certified K-9 dog handler with North Oregon Regional Search and Rescue.   Along with his dog Jacqui they are always on standby 24 hours a day to help those in need.  The second member of that department’s team is Gary, better known in the long-distance hiking world as “Shutterbug”.  He is an avid long-distance hiker and in 2016 completed his triple crown when he thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, he still had restless legs after 8,000 miles so he thru-hiked the Pacific Northwest Trail in 2017.


The shop has become a mecca for the ultra-light community in Portland and the surrounding North West Region.  With experts, Steve, Gary and the advice of a knowledgeable staff, the shop has an extensive line up of light-weight gear by mainstream and cottage gear makers alike.  With a wide variety of options, the Mountain Shop is one of the only shops in North America where buyers can see, feel and try the latest in ultra-light gear and get the expert advice on what will serve them best for their needs.


Stop on by and visit them when you are in Portland.

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