Dealer Spotlight- Garage Grown Gear

Dealer Spotlight- Garage Grown Gear

Garage Grown Gear spotlights small, startup and cottage outdoor brands through its online store and magazine. It sells gear, apparel, and food from 75+ early-stage brands and it helps to tell these brand’s stories through its online magazine.

Co-Founder Amy Hatch realized there was no single hub to find up-and-coming outdoor brands — brands that either had yet to make it the likes of REI or Backcountry or had no desire to go the big box route. Instead, people had to rely on word-of-mouth and blog posts to find the cool, new and innovative gear being made in garages and small shops across the country.

So, she decided to create the hub herself, launching GGG in 2014 from her kitchen counter in rural Idaho. GGG is now run by a remote team living throughout the U.S. and its customers and community span the globe.  

“We believe there is something inherently wonderful about supporting new ideas, and that new brands spark fresh conversation and innovation within the outdoor industry,” said Co-Founder Lloyd Vogel, who had started his own website similar to GGG before accepting Amy’s offer to join forces and merge the two sites.  

GGG primarily focuses its offerings on ultralight backpacking but also dips its toes into other outdoor pursuits, such as backcountry skiing and trail running. Tents, packs, and pods from Six Moon Designs are sold next to brands like Enlightened Equipment, Vargo Outdoors, and Cnoc Outdoors.  

While its online store takes center stage, the GGG team is also enormously devoted to storytelling. Each week it publishes 2-3 articles in its online magazine that include: a roundup of interesting, outdoorsy Kickstarters; a brand’s startup story; and a gear review.

In addition to wanting to help the underdogs succeed, the folks behind GGG are deeply motivated by what they term “the gear bump.” In other words, when you get a cool, new piece of gear, the first thing you do is head out the door to use it. They love knowing that they’re inspiring people to get outside, and then helping to create a more efficient, comfortable and downright fun experience for people once they’re out there.  

“We 110% believe that spending time in wild places leads to a grounded, creative outlook — the exact mindset needed to solve the world’s problems, big and small, and find happiness and meaning in life,” Amy said.  

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