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All Skyscape models utilize a dual fixed length 45" or 115 cm pole support structure. We offer two optional pole types. Our Aluminum poles are very rigid, cost $28 for the pair and add 6 oz or 170 g to the weight of the tent. We also offer a lightweight dual Carbon Fiber pole option. It sales for $60 and adds 3.6 oz or 102 g to the tent weight.

The dual pole structure is slightly offset from the center of the tent. The offset yields extra head room when lying down, reducing that claustrophobic feeling. Further, it allows the Skyscape to be extremely rigid when guyed out, creating a structure capable of riding out the worst storms.

The Skyscape employs Hybrid Double Wall construction. Over 80% of the canopy is separated from you by a mesh wall, keeping that wet canopy at bay. The Hybrid Double Wall construction allows the vestibules roll back. On warm summer nights, convert the Skyscape into a net tent, pesky bugs stay outside while you enjoy the views and breezes.

The Skyscape's large side entry door lets you easily enter the tent or retrieve gear . With floor length over 100 inches, the Skyscape accommodates the tallest hikers. You can carry a light tent and still sleep well.

Scout Model

The canopy and floor of the Scout are constructed with 190T Polyester. Since this fabric is used in literally millions of tents, it is very cost effective. Incorporating Polyester fabric into the Scout makes it the most affordable ultralight tent on the market today.

The Scout is perfect for those starting to explore the world of ultralight travel.

Skyscape Setup Video

  • Hybrid Double Wall
  • Rollback vestibules for excellent views and ventilation.
  • Dual Pole structure is extremely stable in wind and snow.
  • Bathtub Floor
  • Wide ceiling gives plenty of headroom.
  • Extended floor for tall hikers.
  • Side entry for easy access.
  • Easy Setup
Additional Info

Hang Tag (PDF)
Data Sheet (PDF)

General Structure
Ships With
Pack Size

Tent, Stuff Sack, Guy Lines, Spreader Bar
15" X 5"
34 oz. - .96k 
5 (not included)
Ultralight Backpacking

Floor Space 
Vestibule Size 

Hybrid Double Wall
Dual Pole (not included)
Side Entry
23 ft2 - 2.2 m2
16 ft2 - 1.4 m 


190T Polyester
190T Polyester 
40D No-See-Um
#3 YKK


Customer Reviews:

teampaquette  (Friday, 10 June 2016)
Rating: 5
I bought this tent for a backpack hunt. Our first night we pitched just below a peak we should not have (Red Mountain, Brookings Or.). It came in fast and blew 65+ all night with rain and hail. Scary. My buddy was miserable, I stayed dry! Tent is VERY sturdy. Best $125 you can spend. 5 mins set up. Cant beat it!

jcstevens951  (Thursday, 14 April 2016)
Rating: 5
I really like this tent. I just spent six days with it in the Grand Canyon. The set up is a little more complicated than a stand alone tent, but I got the routine dialed in after a couple of days. I used my trekking poles for support and that worked great. Lots of headroom and good ventilation even when all flaps are down. More room than expected for a 1 person tent. Went through a couple of night of 20 to 25 mph winds and the tent didn't budge. For the price, this lightweight tent was top notch. I'd highly recommend it for a lower priced lightweight tent.

Dale  (Tuesday, 31 March 2015)
Rating: 3
Bought this when it first came out. Used it a couple of times but didn't like the lack of a peak vent and the , to me, hokey roof support.
Finally removed the inside netting and had my wife design and install a large peak vent. Now I have a shaped tarp with good venting.
My advice, get the Lunar Solo LE. In my humble opinion it's Ron's best effort.
Keep hiking.

Cavebird03  (Sunday, 04 January 2015)
Rating: 3
I had purchased my Skyscape Scout from one of the listed online dealers on this website past summer. I have really enjoyed using this tent. Light, easy to set, and fits a 6'3" person. I was at Mountain Crossing at Neal's Gap and had spoken with a sales rep about making my own cross pipe for the trekking poles out of Pex tubing to replace the one that came with the tent. I had poked a hole in had asked me how it performed in a storm. I didn't know since weather had been fair on my trips with it. I had seam sealed it with Seam Sure before I even took it out. Yesterday afternoon I set it up in my yard since I knew rain and storms were coming. After 6 hours the roof had wetted out. After 10 hours small puddles were in the corners of the tub floor. When it really started coming down after 17 hours, a light mist was coming through the roof. By the morning there were large puddles in the corners of the tent. My bag was wet on the top too. Couldn't figure out the source of the leak, but I will add another coat of seam seal. I think it was from the ridge seams. Overall the tent performs in good to fair weather, but failed in a extended rain and downpour.
Would be nice to see the tarp zipper be two way, so it can be zipped down from the top to create a vent if needed.

nick.vergillo  (Saturday, 27 September 2014)
Rating: 3
Im not too impressed with this tent. The poles put a hole in it the second time I used it and I'd agrue that it doesn't even have a bathtub floor. It kept me dry on a night with a little drizzle but I don't feel like it would keep me dry in a downpour. The pack size and the price are awesome but I think next time i'll invest a little more money a get something higher quality.


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