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The Lunar Solo's distinctive low hexagonal shape easily spills the wind no matter the direction. Short steeply sloped sides handle snow or high winds with ease. A generous canopy covers a 26 sq. ft. sleeping area plus 8.5 sq. ft. of vestibule storage. The 48" peak height, set in the middle of the tent maximizes room for sitting and taking care of chores.

The sleeping area is surrounded 6 inch deep bathtub floor, topped by 6 inches of mesh. This ensures excellent ventilation while keeping you separated from low canopy walls. This keeps you drier on those occasions when condensation forms on the canopy.

The vestibule is set on the long side of the tent to maximize views and ventilation when fully open. Close it and you've got phenomenal protection from the worst storms.

A 2012 redesign raised the canopy 3" to 48" and offset the pole, the result was considerably more headroom. Extending the floor to 90" and making end walls vertical enhances sleeping for taller individuals. The slight reduction in floor space is more than compensated for by better weather handling. With more vertical walls, the Lunar Solo easily sheds wind and snow.

For detail setup instructions, check out Lunar Solo - The Perfect Pitch.

  • Full Vestibule provides protection while still maintaining good ventilation when closed. Fully open, the vestibule maximizes ventilation and view.
  • High Vent removes excess moisture build up.
  • Zipper Vestibule Closure makes opening and closing the vestibule a snap.
  • Single Piece Bathtub Floor makes a more watertight floor.
  • Easy Tensioning Adjustment makes keeping your the tent taut a trivial task that can be accomplished while still in your sleeping bag. Re-tension straps have been added to all tie out points.
  • Floating Canopy allows the canopy to be set to different heights.
  • Floating Floor reduces floor stress and helps to minimize punctures from sharp objects.
  • Optimized Sleeping Area is oriented to maximize usable space, ventilation and view. A peak height of 48 inches gives you plenty of head room.
  • Center Pole Support significantly improves the ability of the tent to handle wind and snow loads.
  • Single Hiking Pole Support reduces the amount of gear need.
  • Internal Gear Area keeps your gear easily accessible.
  • Oversized Screen Door allows easy entrance and exit while keeping the front pole out of your way.
  • Ultra-light Waterproof Canopy is made from high strength 30 denier Silicone Nylon.
  • Handy Mesh Cargo Pocket
  • Extremely Easy Setup in less than two minutes under any conditions.
Additional Info

Hang Tag (PDF)
Data Sheet (PDF)

General Structure
Ships With
Pack Size
Tent, Stuff Sack, Guylines
15" X 4.5"
24 oz. - .68k
Ultralight Backpacking
Floor Space
Vestibule Size
Single Wall
Single 48" Pole (3)
Side Entry
26 ft2 - 2.4 m2
8.5 ft2 - .8 m
Materials Notes
30D Silicon Nylon
40D Silicon Nylon 
20D Ultralight No-See-Um
#3 YKK
  1. Weight does not include stakes or pole.
  2. Stakes not included.
  3. Pole not included.

Customer Reviews:

Jamespw  (Thursday, 21 July 2016)
Rating: 0
I just bought this lunar solo tent and received it today I have not tested it yet but was so happy that it came in at 24.01 ounces with it being factory seam sealed a lot of company's smudge the weights of their gear and was so happy that if I hadn't gotten it factory seam sealed it would probably of been 23 ounces! I was looking really hard between this tent and the deschutes plus. I may have to purchase that one too for possible dry weather camping I just don't know if it is smaller then the lunar solo lunar solo says 1+ Persons and deschutes plus says 1 person. But look the same size.

jeffwallen  (Wednesday, 27 January 2016)
Rating: 5
I've had this tent for a couple years now and consider it an outstanding product especially for the price. You can't buy anything near as nice without spending double. Anyway, there's plenty of room for me and my gear and my dog. It packs small and is only 1.5 pounds. It has performed perfectly in average rain and has not shown any problems with condensation build up either. Please make this available in CF. thanks,ja

renn788  (Wednesday, 05 August 2015)
Rating: 5
I love this tent! Lots of room huge vestibule! I've had it in wind, rain, hail and snow it took it all in stride! Like all single wall tents condesation will occur but the wall design causes it to roll down and keeps it off you and your gear. Theres plenty of room to sit up in it for me I'm 5`10"

andy.rudolph  (Wednesday, 29 October 2014)
Rating: 5
I used my Lunar Solo for the first time on a two night loop trail in the Joyce Kilmer Slickrock Wilderness. The Lunar Solo reduced my pack weight by about one pound and reduced the volume in my pack required by my previous tent considerably while providing more interior living space. I call that a win-win.

The online setup directions must be good because I was able to pitch the tent in the dark without issue and without prior practice. I read the instructions several times before the trip since I had read that it could be difficult. We had clear weather so I pitched for maximum ventilation. It was nice to see outside through the front mesh while lying down even when all zipped up. I experienced no condensation issues either night.

The second night we camped on a slight incline and I experienced some movement of my sleeping pad during the night due to the slick floor. I plan to try striping the floor with seam sealer as others have done to prevent this.

My Lunar Solo was seam sealed at the factory and it was done extremely well. This adds to the delivery time but I think it was well worth the wait. I did add a guy line to provide additional head room while lying down.

The lighter my pack becomes the more I enjoy backpacking. By reducing my pack weight and increasing living space the Lunar Solo has earned its place in my pack.

mbuskovitz  (Monday, 07 July 2014)
Rating: 5
Damn this baby rocks the house! I love it! 10ozs less than my Nemo GOGO bivy/tent and I don't have to exit it to change my mind let alone my clothes. Took 12 minutes to get the first setup right on. Then I made a tyvek footprint with five mitten hooks attached and both tent and footprint fit well in the stuff sack. Oh by the way with 8 Ti stakes(6 in Shepherd Hooks)and 2 6ft tie outs plus the footprint it is still UNDER 2 POUNDS!!! rnrn****Kudos to you SMD, kudos to you.****


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