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Ultralight backpacking tents have significantly evolved over the last decade. These new one and a half to two pound (one to two people) tents are a far cry from the five pound tents backpackers have traditionally carried. Their roots stem from transforming your traditional tarp by adding shape, bug protection and a floor. Like a tarp, they are designed to be both light and airy.

Newer fabrics have become available that help to save a considerable amount of weight. These tents forgo the double wall construction of traditional backpacking tents. A significant amount of weight reduction comes from eliminating your normal tent structure. By utilizing your existing hiking poles, you can forgo the weight of the tent poles, plus you're hiking poles become dual duty. By their nature, hiking poles are significantly stronger than your tent pole. This allows you to have an extremely sturdy shelter.

 While these tents can significantly reduce your pack weight, they do require a bit more knowledge to get the most performance. We recommend you read both our Shelters FAQ and Shelter Tips.

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Skyscape - Scout

34 oz Solo


24 oz Solo Tent

Skyscape - X

17 ounce Solo Tent

Lunar Solo LE

30 oz Solo

Lunar Solo

24 oz Solo

Lunar Duo - Outfitter

57 oz Two Person

Lunar Duo - Explorer

41 oz Two Person

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