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13 ounce Shelter
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The Wild Oasis is a lean, mean, no frills, down and dirty shelter for ultralight hikers on the move. It packs so small and light it might literally get lost in your pack.

The Wild Oasis is large enough for a comfortable nights rest without the claustrophobia of a small tarp. With it's full 360 degree protection there's no need to carry an additional bivy.

The Wild Oasis's No-See-Um skirt perimeter eliminates the need to carry a bug net to keep away those pesky mosquitoes. The skirt's generous 18 inch width allows you significant flexibility in setting up the shelter at different heights. The skirt is tapered cut to minimize it's tendency to roll beyond the edge of the canopy and become a rain wick.

The Wild Oasis's zippered entry makes getting in and out of the shelter a breeze.

The Wild Oasis sets up using a single hiking pole or optional Carbon Fiber pole. If you want to eliminate the interior pole you can hang it from a tree limb.

Like a tarp, the Wild Oasis can be setup at different heights. Low when the weather threatens or high on nice nights to get maximum ventilation.

  • Zippered Entry
  • Full 18" No-See-Um Skirt allows you to setup the shelter at different height and still have excellent bug protection.
  • High Vent provides for moisture to escape to minimize condensation.
  • Single Pole Setup with hexagonal shape provides maximum protection at minimum weight
  • Easy Setup
Additional Info

Hang Tag (PDF)
Data Sheet (PDF)

General    Structure
Ships With
Pack Size
Tent, Stuff Sack, Guylines
15" X 6"
13 oz. - .4 k  
Ultralight Backpacking
Single Pole
Side Entry
35 ft2 - 3.2 m2
Materials   Notes
30D Silicon Nylon
Ultralight No-See-Um
#3 YKK
  1. Weight does not include stakes or pole.
  2. Stakes not included.

Customer Reviews:

arkansasredneck2  (Tuesday, 11 March 2014)
Rating: 4
Excellent ultralight tarp tent with bug netting built in. Doesn't keep out the crawling bugs and a groundcloth is a must. I prefer hanging it from above with the no pole technique as I move around a lot at night and have knocked the shelter down on top of myself many times when using the pole. I made a video review of this tarp tent you can find here

nathanrainer  (Wednesday, 21 September 2011)
Rating: 4
I used this tarp for my entire 2011 PCT thru-hike. Only set it up about seven times in california, but used it every single night in Oregon and Washington for wind, rain and bug, protection. Overall I was very happy with this tarp. Was tricky to set up at first but practice made perfect. It kept me dry, did well in the wind and kept out the mosquitos (I made good friends with the ants) My only real complaint would be that the footprint is rather large. Anyone buying a tarp should already understand the risks of not having a freestanding tent so I wont go into that. I did set it up on snow once, and with rocks once. Neither were desirable camping but it worked good enough. This tent was much better for setting up in the rain than my other free standing tent because I could put my pack down and just throw the tarp over it and set it up without getting anything dry. rnrn-Rainer

mrkskynar  (Tuesday, 07 September 2010)
Rating: 5
Everything worked great. I would prefer if the length of guy-line was increased. I cut the line into six pieces for each stake and it worked well, but would like a little more. Stayed dry in a rain storm despite not having a floor. I would like a tie down feature on the left side flap, like the right side door opening when roof is tied to a tree branch, so that the door can be 2x wide as an option.

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