Silver Shadow Carbon Trekking Umbrella
Six Moon Designs Silver Shadow Carbon Fiber Hiking Umbrella close up of handle
Six Moon Designs Silver Shadow Carbon Fiber Hiking Umbrella. Carbon Fiber Shaft

Silver Shadow Carbon Trekking Umbrella

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6.8 oz - 193 g Trekking Umbrella

Redesigned for 2019 we have expanded the Silver Shadow into a line of umbrellas that offers a variety of options and prices. 

Walking across deserts in the blazing sun or through summer rain showers shouldn't be a misery. The Silver Shadow Series provides a large reflective surface on top to deflect sunlight and a black underside to absorb wandering rays, allowing you to walk cooler and better protected.  Its coating sheds water easily, eliminating the need to wear sweaty rain gear.


The Silver Shadow Carbon is the crown jewel of hiking umbrellas. A sleek, carbon fiber shaft, spreader, and ribs drop the weight of this umbrella to a mere 6.8 oz while maintaining full coverage. Its rigid shaft insures that it won't unexpectedly collapse and its simple construction ensures years of trouble-free use. The simple design with minimal parts keeps it light and durable. There are simply fewer things to break or malfunction.

Wherever you travel, a Silver Shadow should be part of your kit!


  • Weight: 6.8 oz - 193 g
  • Length: 25" - 63.5 cm
  • Open Width: 37" - 94 cm
  • Coverage: 7.5 ft2 or .7 m2
  • Shaft Length: 23.5" - 60cm
  • Carbon Fiber Frame
  • EVA foam handle
  • UPF 50+ Rating

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Better than my last trekking umbrella

I previously owned a different company's umbrella and this one is superior. It weighs 2.25 oz less and has a much more hand friendly handle. Little things, but I use umbrellas for sun and rain which, depending on the trail, can add up to a lot of time.

Edgar Tanner
Proven protection

I’ve used my personal Silver Shadow Carbon Trekking Umbrella on the CT in wind and rain and under hot July suns. It’s proven it’s worth there and on local hikes. I’ve given two others as gifts and their new owners love them. My umbrella is a standard part of my kit these days.

Amazingly light umbrella

Took this with me for day hikes in the Swiss Alps. The amazing lightness for its size meant this was more comfortable than any other umbrella. Your hand/arm simply doesn’t get tired like with a regular umbrella. Plus the opening mechanism is so simple and reliable. Love it!

Elizabeth Vanture
Works great in the sun. Light as a feather.

It’s so light that a friend was able to hold it without my hands free option the whole time trudging up a hot and very steep 3mile Southern California trail. She is going to buy one too and so are several people who saw us on the trail. We like the fact that we don’t have to wear hot and sweaty hats. Here’s a pic of my husband who ordered one too.

Incredible customer service!

Purchased Silver Shadow Carbon Trekking Umbrella through Amazon prior to a thru-hike on the Oregon Desert Trail, and shortly after I began to use it, the threading began to warp to a point that the issue became unavoidable. I called them, explained the situation, sent them photos, and they sent me a new one almost immediately! I believe that this incident was isolated as I have met many people while thru-hiking who are faithful to this product (I am still grateful for the quality of their customer service).