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Deschutes Cuben Fiber

7 oz - 200 g Solo Tarp

The Deschutes Cuben Fiber is a high-tech, ultralight shelter . At almost half the weight of the Silicone Nylon version, it comes in at an incredible 7 ounces! When mated with the Serenity NetTent you have a double wall solo tent that weighs an amazing 18 ounces.

  • The Deschutes Cuben Fiber is an ultralight shelter designed to give you the most interior space while maximizing protection from the elements and minimizing weight.  For people looking for a light shelter option, with plenty of space and minimal weight, the Deschutes Cuben Fiber is the perfect fit! The Deschutes Cuben Fiber has 44 ft 2 of coverage and a setup height of 49”. You've got plenty of room to sit up and the extra room lets you spread out your gear. The full length vestibule zipper makes for easy entry. The simple pyramid structure is easy to setup and sheds winds under the harshest storms.

    The Deschutes Cuben Fiber comes in at almost half the weight of the Silicone Nylon version, at an incredible 7 oz - 200 g. When mated with the Serenity NetTent you have a double wall solo tent that weighs a mere 18 oz - 510 g.


    1. I'm over 6', will I fit? The answer is depends? There are many factors that determine if you'll be comfortable using the Deschutes Tarp Cuben. It depends upon the height of the setup, the depth of your sleeping pad and your sleeping style. Take a look at the picture of the Deschutes Tarp with the Serenity NetTent, the Serenity is 84" or 7' long and has vertical end walls of 9". Without the Serenity the height it 13" at the point where the Serenity would end. Using a thick sleeping mat will compromise internal space and minimize headroom. Also setting up the  Deschutes Cuben Fiber low to the ground will do the same. However, properly setup, most people will find the Deschutes Tarp Cuben more than roomy enough for a good nights sleep.
    2. What is the recommended Pole Height? The Deschutes Cuben Fiber can be setup at different heights. At 40" the Deschutes hugs the ground providing maximum protection. The Deschutes can accommodate a variable height of between 45" to 49" depending upon conditions and your personal preferences. For maximum interior space or when using the Serenity NetTent, set your pole to 49". In most cases you'll want to angle your pole so the bottom of it is inside the vestibule area. This helps to maximize the sleeping area.
    • Long Zippered Entry for easy entry
    • Single Pole Setup, with hexagonal shape, provides maximum protection at minimum weight
    • Easy Setup
    • Top Vent
    • Mates with the Serenity NetTent
    • Seasons
      Ships With
      Pack Size
      Weight 1
      Stakes 2
      Tent, Stuff Sack, Guy-lines
      7 oz - 200 g
      Ultralight Backpacking


      • Weight does not include stakes or pole.
      • Stakes not included.
    • Type
      Frame 1
      Floor Space
      Single Pole
      Side Entry
      44 ft 2 - 4 m 2


      • Vertical Poles Not Included
    • Canopy
      .74 Cuben Fiber
      #3 YKK

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