Skyscape Scout Ultralight 1 Person Tent with doors closed - side
Skyscape Scout Ultralight 1 Person Tent with doors closed - front corner
Skyscape Scout Ultralight 1 Person Tent with doors closed - Rear corner
Skyscape Scout Ultralight 1 Person Tent with rear door open
Skyscape Scout Ultralight 1 Person Tent with doors open
Skyscape Scout Ultralight 1 Person Tent with doors open - front corner
Skyscape Scout Ultralight 1 Person Tent diagram with size specifications

Skyscape Scout

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40 oz – 1134 g Solo Backpacking Tent – Hybrid Double Walled – Uses Two 45” Poles

The Skyscape Scout is the most affordable, lightweight tent on the market, so you can lighten your load on any budget.

You can just about go broke investing in ultralight gear. That’s why we designed the Skyscape Scout because everyone deserves to be able to explore the great outdoors in lightweight comfort. Modeled after the popular Skyscape Trekker, the Scout has the same design with a more cost-effective 190T Polyester fabric.

*To completely repel water, shelters need to have sealer applied to the seams before use.

*We do not offer Seam Sealing Service for our Skyscape Scout and Lunar Duo Outfitter. These shelters are made of 190T Polyurethane coated polyester that requires Gear Aid's Seam Grip Plus FC to seam seal.


New for 2018 the Skyscape Scout now features new longer 3mm cord rear guy outs (not shown in photos) which provide improved interior height at the foot and increased ventilation at the rear.  Also new is the addition of reflective guy outs all around.  

All Skyscape models utilize a dual fixed length 45" or 115 cm pole support structure to create an A-frame like structure. This can be achieved through the use of trekking poles or our collapsible Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Poles (sold separately). While both poles work well with the Scout, the Aluminum poles are lower in price, while our Carbon Fiber poles are half the weight.

The dual pole structure is slightly offset from the center of the tent. The offset yields extra head room when lying down, reducing that claustrophobic feeling. Further, it allows the Skyscape to be extremely rigid when guyed out, creating a structure capable of riding out the worst storms.

The Skyscape employs Hybrid Double Wall construction. Over 80% of the canopy is separated from you by a mesh wall, keeping that wet canopy at bay. The Hybrid Double Wall construction allows the vestibules roll back. On warm summer nights, convert the Skyscape into a net tent, pesky bugs stay outside while you enjoy the views and breezes.

The Skyscape's large side entry door lets you easily enter the tent or retrieve gear . With floor length over 100 inches, the Skyscape accommodates the tallest hikers. You can carry a light tent and still sleep well.

Scout Model

The canopy and floor of the Scout are constructed with 190T Polyester. Since this fabric is used in literally millions of tents, it is very cost effective. Incorporating Polyester fabric into the Scout makes it the most affordable ultralight tent on the market today.

The Scout is perfect for those starting to explore the world of ultralight travel.



  • Hybrid Double Wall
  • Vestibules roll back for excellent views and ventilation.
  • Dual Pole structure is extremely stable in wind and snow.
  • Bathtub Floor
  • Stash Pocket
  • Wide ceiling gives plenty of headroom
  • Extended floor for tall hikers
  • Side entry for easy access
  • Easy Setup
  • Packs extremely small
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    Skyscape Series Overview

    By: Six Moon Designs
    Published: 10/27/2021



    Ships With
    Pack Size
    Tent, Stuff Sacks, Guy lines
    15" X 5"
    40 oz - 1134 g
    (sold separately)



    Vestibule Size
    Tent, hybrid double wall
    Two 45" Poles
    Side Entry
    23 ft2 - 2.2 m2
    16 ft2 - 1.4 m2


    190T Polyester
    190T Polyester
    40D No-See-Um

    #5 YKK

    Gear Reviews

    Gear Review: Six Moon Designs Skyscape Scout by Lisa Pulsifer for The Trek

    1. Weight does not include stakes or pole. 2Support poles sold separately.

    Lost your set-up instructions? Additional instructions can be downloaded here.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Best tent I’ve ever owned

    Ive owned my Scout for a year and just completed my fifth section hike on the AT with it. I love this little tent! It’s lightweight and fits easily into my pack, and I’ve yet to find a problem with it. It’s got room for me and my gear, and its design keeps everything dry from wind and rain, and condensation is minimal. It’s also quick to pitch and take down. I really enjoy the full netted sides of the tent, which are great for enjoying the views outside while being protected from biting bugs. Great tent— great design!

    Philip Berkeley
    New Adventures

    It is always fun to think about where you'll go with a lifetime piece of gear and and my first adventure was to Baxter State Park. I'm 6'2"/235 and the Scout worked great. Plenty of room and easy to pitch. Remember if you are car camping you'll need your poles to hike every day so plan accordingly.

    Great tent

    Been using this tent on the AT for a few months now. For the price, I don’t think this can be beat. It is very roomy, and can semi-comfortably fit two, if need be.

    My one and only gripe with it is that I wish it utilized the trekking poles on the exterior of the tent as opposed to being on the inside.

    That being said, if pitched correctly this thing is STURDY. It has seen some high winds and I have never been worried about it staying put.

    George M.
    Fits the bill!!

    I was looking for a light weight solo tent for hiking / cycling and motorcycle camping. The Six Moon Design Scout fits the bill! It’s light weight, compact and has plenty of room for my gear and sleep system. When motorcycle camping I keep my helmet and boots in a plastic bag in the vestibule. It took a couple times setting it up at home to get the hang of how it’s set up and to get it taunt. I ordered seam sealer and sealed it before heading out, I haven’t had it through a heavy rain yet, just a light shower, so far, no water issues, don’t expect any! Yup, it fits the bill!!

    George Monteith
    Fits the Bill!!

    I purchased the Skyscape Scout for hiking and camping from my motorcycle. So far I have not used it hiking, but have been camping several times from the motorcycle. The Scout is light weight and it fits in my hard case panniers with no problem. I ordered seam sealer with the tent and sealed it before use, had light rain on one of my trips with no leaks, waiting for a heavier rain to see how it holds up. I set up the Scout at home to get used to it before heading out, not really a problem just a different type of set up. I'm using hiking poles that I modified to carry on my bike and they seem to work fine. The only snag and its a minor one, one of the foot stake cords snapped on the second use, but that's minor, just replaced it with bank line I had in my kit. I'm 5' 11" 195lbs, I had room for sleeping bag, pad, a cube pack with gear, my helmet, riding jacket and boots. I really wasn't cramped. But, next trip I'll leave my jacket and boots in the saddlebags for extra room. The Scout does fit the bill when you want to travel light. The only suggestion would be, set it up at home before heading out, as I said it's a different set up from a free standing tent and hammock I've been using thus far.