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Six Moon Designs Silver Shadow Hiking Umbrella close up of handle

Silver Shadow

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8.9 oz - 252 g Trekking Sun Umbrella

Redesigned for 2019 we have expanded the Silver Shadow into a line of umbrellas in order to offer a variety of options and prices. 

Walking across deserts in the blazing sun or through summer rain showers shouldn't be a misery. The Silver Shadow Series provides a large reflective surface on top to deflect sunlight and a black underside to absorb wandering rays, allowing you to walk cooler and better protected. Its coating sheds water easily, eliminating the need to wear sweaty rain gear.


The base Silver Shadow most resembles our original design. Its rigid, fiberglass shaft insures that it won't unexpectedly collapse, and its simple construction ensures years of trouble free use. The simple design with minimal parts keeps it light and durable. There's simply fewer things to break or malfunction.

Wherever you travel, a Silver Shadow should be part of your kit! 


  • Weight: 8.9 oz - 252 g
  • Closed Length: 25" - 63.5cm
  • Open Width: 37" - 94 cm
  • Coverage: 7.5 ft2 or .7 m2
  • Shaft Length: 23.5" - 60cm
  • Fiberglass Frame
  • EVA foam handle for sure grip
  • UPF 50+ Rating

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Hunter Gudenkauf
Great for desert hiking.

Better than a hat and leaves my friends jellous of the shade. Stay cool by being cool. Send me free stuff please.

Son back from Philmont OAHA "It was the best piece of equipment I took"

My son, Ben, went to Philmont Scout Ranch for a program where they build a trail for a week and then get to go where ever they want for a week (OAHA). I bought the umbrella for him. Ben took it with him having doubts he would use it. At 16 years old he has over 350 miles backpacking so he knows his gear.

Once on the hiking portion of the trip he would break it out when needed. He said he never had to put on his rain pants. The adults in Troops that they passed asked about the umbrella. Ben let everyone know it was a Six Moon Umbrella. Many of the adults were impressed and said they would look into it when they returned.
Sad part of the story is that on the last day backpacking, while they were off trail, he had to jump down a good distance. He held the umbrella in one hand. Of course, landed on that hand and broke the main tube. The umbrella remained somewhat usable as the group went on some really cool tours around the Ranch House. When at the petroglyphs a guy in the group who was 6'3'' held the umbrella up high so it covered a bunch of them.

I wonder if you might approach Philmont about carrying the umbrella in their store.

Randy Hodges
Great Purchase, awesome umbrella!

This is as advertised, a fantastic lightweight umbrella, perfect for hiking. Came fast. I definitely would recommend it


Overall an average product.

Shaft length is too short and if used for hiking/backpacking, then your arms will get tired carrying it. You also won’t be able to use trekking poles because one hand will be holding the umbrella.

The attachment straps are ineffective as the umbrella bounces with every step. Shaft is too short and because of this, the umbrella impairs visibility. The umbrella sits very close to the top of your head, which also holds in the heat.

The best attributes are it’s lightweight and has a fiberglass shaft and ribs.

Ron S
Excellent in the sun and rain, but needs modifications to the design

Very lightweight and reasonably durable. Love the fiberglass shaft and ribs as a non electrical conductor during thunderstorms with lightening. However, for long treks, the shaft is way too short and it is extremely uncomfortable to attempt to carry/hold - you end up holding your arm at an uncomfortable angle, which is very tiresome. Look at the company provided photos and you'll see what I'm describing

The length of the shaft also reduces your field of view and airflow while trekking (see company's photos). Hence, I modified and lengthened the shaft to make it more usable and versatile. I removed the EVA foam handle and I created my own mounting system to mount onto my backpack's shoulder strap and also at my hipbelt. lengthening the shaft provides a better field of view and increases the airflow (reducing the temperature underneath). My hands are also free to use trekking poles.

I also quickly noticed something - I perspire far less and I need about 33% less water for hydration. This means the 10+ ounces (umbrella with modified shaft) equals a savings of pounds that I used to carry in water. I am also less tired after 10+ mile treks in 100 degree temperatures

The lengthened umbrella is also easily adjustable to block the sun, when the sun is at lower angles, or coming from the sides, back, and/or front. I have tested the modified umbrella for 100's of miles in the sun, rain, and 15-20 mph winds. When it is too windy, I simply fold up the umbrella and continue need to store it as it is already secured to your backpack.

The lengthened umbrella also works great to provide shade when I take a break or stop to eat - you're always in the shade. The umbrella is also excellent in the rain. It keeps me dry and I don't need to wear a rain jacket, which makes me perspire way too much when carrying heavy loads.

I've been stopped numerous times while on the trails and asked how I modified the umbrella. I've had many with the original design ask for a list of my design modification materials, so they could modify their umbrellas.

One suggestion would be to increase the diameter of the umbrella for better coverage from the sun and rain. I believe the couple of ounces would be worth the additional coverage.