5 Section Tent Pole - 45" Aluminum

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3.5 oz - 99 g 

If you're a cyclist, paddler or don't carry trekking poles, you may wish to consider using our aluminum poles to support your shelter. These poles are a bit stronger1 than our carbon fiber poles, but do weigh a few more grams. Similar to our 3 section poles, our 5-Section poles break down to even shorter, 11" sections. 

Some shelters require two poles for setup; be sure to review the setup before purchasing. 

Length: 45" - 114 cm (Folded 11" - 28 cm)

Diameter: 3/8" - 10 mm 

Recommended for: Skyscape Trekker, Skyscape Scout, Lunar Duo Outfitter, Lunar Duo Explorer, Haven Bundle, Haven Tarp, Wild Owyhee, and Haven Zero-G. 


  1. Aluminum poles do have built-in flexibility. When setting up your shelter, you want to tighten the canopy just to the point where the poles create a slight bend. Then back off until vertical. This is more than enough tension to keep your shelter erect, even with high wind loads.