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Flight 40 FKT Rear showing Vest Yoke and Hip Belt

Flight 40 - FKT

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39 oz - 1100 g Pack

The Flight 40 - FKT (Fastest Known Time) functions as an ultralight backpack. Our vest system and flexible hip belt draws the load into your body. Literally making you one with the pack. The Flight 40 FKT pack is comfortable up to 30 pounds. It has been tested with loads in excess of 40 pounds with zero sag in either the pack or hip belt.

Size Guide

NOTE: If you would like the Flight 40 Pack body, but say you would like to purchase it with separate components than the ones offered, you may add the pack body to your cart by selecting the color you prefer and choosing none for both the vest size as well as hip belt size. You will then need to add the components you would like as a separate item to your cart. All of our pack components can be found here

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Starting with a Vest Harness that offers excellent load carrying capacity on its own. The vest is attached to the pack in two places and, when tightened, is designed to pull the pack body up and into your back putting the load onto the vest system. When combined with the Hip Belt the pack will hold firmly to your body and keep the pack from moving around while hiking. The Hip belt articulation is accentuated by our unique closure. Each of our straps are independent and terminate at the buckle. This allows you to set different levels of tension between the top and bottom of the hip belt. Straps that don't have two adjustment points on each side and simply loop between the top and bottom of the belt will reset to a central position as you walk.

A Delrin hoop stay inside the pack bag, provides enough support to enable load transfer with minimum weight. The bottom of the stay is directed back to a junction to the center of the pack. This junction provides a direct connection between the stay and the hip belt. Typically with ultralight packs, the stays and hip belt are separated by several inches of fabric. The result is that when weight is applied to the stay, the pack sags.

With the Flight 40, all of the downward force from the stay is transferred directly to the hip belt. With the hip belt and stay, the load radiates out over a large surface area eliminating pressure points.


  • Adjustable Torso Length
  • Two - Vest Yoke Styles
  • Two - Vest Sizes in Each Style
  • Deeper Side Pockets
  • Removable Hydration Sleeve
  • Large Shoulder Strap Pockets
  • Removable Hip Belt
  • Minimal Contact Back Panel
  • Top Loading with Dry Bag Closure
  • Interior Zippered Stash Pocket
  • Ten Exterior Pockets
  • Daisy chain
  • Elastic Lashing Cord
  • Multiple Point Compression System
  • Ice Axe Loop
  • Dual Hydration Ports
  • Delrin Hoop Stay


Torso Sizes
Maximum Load
Base Weight
Delrin Hoop
16" - 22" | 38 - 56 cm
11"W X 7"D X 22"T
Green, Marigold, Gray
30 lb - 13.5 kg
12 lb - 5.5 kg
Lightweight Backpacking
Long Distance Backpacking
Pack Body
Body Contact
Side Panels
Nylon robictm
3D Mesh
210 Nylon robictm
4-Way Stretch
Extension Collar
Exterior Pockets

Total Volume
2700 ci - 44 L
Delrin Stays
Vest Harness UL
Hip Belt UL

Total Weight
22 oz - 620 g
3 oz - 70 g
1 oz - 30 g
7 oz - 200 g
6 oz - 170 g

39 oz - 1110 g


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Dean Zee
A great pack for the price!

While others were fiddling with their straps, shifting weight from one side to the other mid trail, my pack stayed true and comfortable throughout the entire trek thru a small section of the PCT (Echo Lakes to Lake Tamarack). This pack is by far one of my most comfortable and most affordable. 40L was enough room for this single backpacker with a few luxuries in the side pockets. The added pocket for a small water bottle attached to the shoulder strap on either side was a definite plus that other backpackers were envious of. JMT worthy? we shall see. Thank you, SIX MOONS!

April van Ert
More customization for women

I really like this pack but the top chest strap sits right across my boobs. No matter how I adjust the harness, I can’t get the straps right so I’m probably going to take the pack to a tailor to get it moved. It would be great if the chest straps could be adjusted as women’s bodies have more variations than men’s.

William Seay

absolutely great Hiking 10 miles in instead of taking a break I pushed another 10 miles the harness setup is better than I thought the pockets will hold a 16.9fl smart water bottle and the others held plenty of snacks goodbye osprey

Conrad Korten
Overall very good, but not quite perfect

I have a number of high quality race and fastpacking vest and back packs, and have come to learn that when I'm deep in the back country areas, I need to be able to 100% trust my gear is up to the task. Equipment failure 100kms from no where can turn a manageable run into a nightmare.
Things I really like about the pack.
- Feels very comfortable with the vest harness
- The belt provides loads of support and together with the harness I have minimal movement of the pack (trial run with about 7-9kg in the pack)
- I like lots of pockets, and they appear to be relatively easy to access (my shoulders aren't very flexible)
- The pack just feels rock solid like it's not going to fail me. Even with that weight in the pack the straps didn't feel like they were at their limit
- Clips and buckles are all solid and felt secure

Things I didn't like
- The zip pocket only just fit my Samsung phone. It took a bit of a squeeze to get it in, and as the newer phones come out I'm sure that pocket will start to get too small
- Neither my Salomon or UD bottles fit the hydration pockets. I've order new bottles that will hopefully fit, but I'm not 100% convince yet that they will ever fit a 500ml bottle as the pocket is very short.
- The included hydration sleeve is on the small side, probably only fit a 2L bladder. Water supply in Australia is sparse, and I'll often have to carry up to 2 days worth of water.
- Lots of straps flapping about the place. A few extra loops to hold the excess strap length would go a long way
- I would love to see dedicate pole carrying straps. Ideally ones I can reach without having to take the pack on and off.
- Ordering process is confusing. Ticks for the fast response to emails, but there are many ways you can make it more obvious exactly what I'm ordering (especially if you won't take returns)

This might sound very demanding and picky, but when I'm paying premium money for a premium product I expect it to be perfect. I could have spent half the money for something half perfect, but I'm pursuing this product because I want something perfect. And it nearly is perfect.

In summary, no it is not quite perfect, but yes I am happy with it, and yes I would recommend it to someone else to buy.

Russell Scott
Flight 40 FKT

The vest harness is a good concept, but for my boney shoulders it just shifted the pressure to the outside of the shoulder. May take some shoulder break in. Not as sore as directly on the end of the collarbone though! The UL hip belt & adjustable torso length are great for short torso lengths. The construction quality is top- notch. The mesh pockets on vest harness are of limited use; other pockets very handy. Thanks for the sale pricing