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Flight 40 - FKT

Size Guide
39 oz - 1100 g Pack

The Flight 40 - FKT (Fastest Known Time) functions as an ultralight backpack. Our vest system and flexible hip belt draws the load into your body. Literally making you one with the pack. The Flight 40 FKT pack is comfortable up to 30 pounds. It has been tested with loads in excess of 40 pounds with zero sag in either the pack or hip belt.

Vest Harness
Ultralight Hip Belt

  • Starting with a Vest Harness that offers excellent load carrying capacity on its own. The vest is attached to the pack in two places and, when tightened, is designed to pull the pack body up and into your back putting the load onto the vest system. When combined with the Hip Belt the pack will hold firmly to your body and keep the pack from moving around while hiking. The Hip belt articulation is accentuated by our unique closure. Each of our straps are independent and terminate at the buckle. This allows you to set different levels of tension between the top and bottom of the hip belt. Straps that don't have two adjustment points on each side and simply loop between the top and bottom of the belt will reset to a central position as you walk.

    A Delron hoop stay inside the pack bag, provides enough support to enable load transfer with minimum weight. The bottom of the stay is directed back to a junction to the center of the pack. This junction provides a direct connection between the stay and the hip belt. Typically with ultralight packs, the stays and hip belt are separated by several inches of fabric. The result is that when weight is applied to the stay, the pack sags.

    With the Flight 40, all of the downward force from the stay is transferred directly to the hip belt. With the hip belt and stay, the load radiates out over a large surface area eliminating pressure points.

    • Adjustable Torso Length
    • Two - Vest Yoke Styles
    • Two - Vest Sizes in Each Style
    • Deeper Side Pockets
    • Removable Hydration Sleeve
    • Large Shoulder Strap Pockets
    • Removable Hip Belt
    • Minimal Contact Back Panel
    • Top Loading with Dry Bag Closure
    • Interior Zippered Stash Pocket
    • Ten Exterior Pockets
    • Daisy chain
    • Elastic Lashing Cord
    • Multiple Point Compression System
    • Ice Axe Loop
    • Dual Hydration Ports
    • Delron Hoop Stay
    • Suspension
      Torso Sizes
      Pack Dimensions
      Maximum Load
      Base Weight
      Delron Hoop
      16" - 22" | 38 - 56 cm
      11"W X 7"D X 22"T
      Green, Marigold, Gray
      30 lb - 13.5 kg
      12 lb - 5.5 kg
      Lightweight Backpacking
      Long Distance Backpacking
    • Pack Body
      Body Contact
      Side Panels
      Nylon robictm
      3D Mesh
      210 Nylon robictm
      4-Way Stretch
    • Body
      Extension Collar
      Exterior Pockets

      Total Volume
      2700 ci - 44 L
    • Body
      Delrin Stays
      Hydration Sleeve
      Vest Harness UL
      Hip Belt UL

      Total Weight
      22 oz - 620 g
      3 oz - 70 g
      1 oz - 30 g
      7 oz - 200 g
      6 oz - 170 g

      39 oz - 1110 g


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