Swift X Limited Pride Edition

36 oz - 1021 g Hiking Backpack
Six Moon Designs has always believed that the more time people spend exploring the natural world, the better off this world will be.  With that guiding philosophy for our business, we are proud to be supporting The Venture Out Project a non-profit group that leads backpacking and wilderness trips for the queer and transgender community, and also conducts transgender inclusion workshops for educators, adventure professionals, and summer camps. 

To help support their programming and celebrate pride month we have a limited edition version of the very popular Swift X in a VX21 Purple, for each purple pack sold in the month of June, we will donate $25 to The Venture Out Project, so they may continue to do their great work of making the outdoors a more inclusive space.

Streamlined and efficient, the Swift X is designed to go where you go.

The Swift X is a modern take on a time-tested design. Over 10 years ago, we designed the Swift. Ten years later, we’ve added some modern upgrades to create the Swift X. Constructed from lightweight, durable fabric, the Swift X joins our premium Zero-G line. This ultralight backpack’s simple, modular design means it easily configures to become your perfect pack for any adventure, be it a quick overnight trip or a calendar year triple crown.

Size Guide
X-Pac VX21 Purple
Shoulder Harness
Hip Belt

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  • The Swift X is designed to be lightweight, durable, and comfortable. Because we want the pack to be comfortable, the pack weight will vary depending on the configuration. Configured as a Frame-less pack with Pack Bag and Shoulder Straps, The Swift X comes in at 26 oz. / 737 g.

    In the Standard Configuration with added Stay and Hip Belt, The Swift X weighs 36 oz. / 1021 g.

    With the Vest Harness, you get additional stability in your load carrying and it brings the weight up to 37 oz. / 1049 g.

    Pack Organization

    The Swift X provides ultimate functionality in a simple design. This ultralight backpack has a single roll-top main compartment that holds 38L with an additional 6L extension collar. A Y-strap secures the load top and provides a convenient and easy attachment point for a bear barrel.

    Intentionally designed, the Swift X gives you easy access to snacks, your phone, maps, and all those little things you need to keep close at hand. You’ll find you won’t even have the need to take the pack off until you hit camp at the end of the day.

    The side water bottle pockets are made from 4-way stretch woven mesh. They are designed so that you can grab items easily while on the go.

    Inside the main compartment, there is a zippered pocket for your wallet to keep it safe and secure and easy to access at the first sign of a burger joint.


    The Swift X comes in a variety of configurations, so you can get the perfect fit for you and your needs. You can choose from a standard shoulder yoke or flight vest yoke. Each come in 2 sizes.

    The Swift X also comes with a removable hip belt available in 3 sizes.

    Between the adjustable torso length, removable hip belt, harness options, and removable Delrin Hoop Stay, The Swift X can be dialed in to your exact preferences. Each configuration ultimately changes the weight of the pack from 26 oz. at its lightest to 37 oz. at its heaviest.

    While the material used in the Swift X is waterproof the, packs themselves are not water tight. We recommend using a 50L Pack Liner.


    The Swift X comes with a removable Delrin Hoop Stay Frame. The ends of the hoop rest on the base of the hip belt, transferring the weight to the hip belt. This design feature makes carrying heavy loads more comfortable and reduces pack sag.

    Using the Delrin Hoop Stay and hip belt together increases your load carrying capacity by approximately 10lbs*.

    *We recommend a base weight of 12lbs or less even when increasing load weight and using the Delrin Hoop Stay and hip belt.


    The Swift X is one of the only ultralight, frame-less pack on the market with an adjustable torso length. This allows the Swift X to provide unbridled comfort.

    When configured as frame-less, the highest recommended base weight is 8lbs / 3.5k and maximum weight not exceeding 25lbs / 11k.

    Using the Hoop Stay and Hip Belt increases your load carrying capacity by approximately 10 lbs / 4.5 k to 30+ lbs. / 14 kWhile you can carry additional weight, we still recommend a base weight of 12 lbs. / 5.5 k or less.


    Vest Harness

    Six Moon Designs’ unique vest harness supports a 6-point connection between the pack and your body. There are several advantages to this system:

    1. It fully locks the pack to your body, eliminating sway or bouncing when you walk or run.

    2. Instead of all of the weight of the pack resting on your shoulders and hips, the vest harness transfers some of that weight to your core. This reduces and eliminates sores from developing on the shoulders and hips.

    3. The vest harness comes with extra pockets, providing additional quick-access storage options.


    Because the vest harness spreads the load-bearing to the core, most hikers find it reduces back pain.

    Founder Ron Moak discovered this first hand. After a bout with cancer, Moak found that he could only handle a couple of hours of hiking before needing to stop due to severe back pain. A vest harness redistributed the weight he was carrying on his shoulders and hips to his core, allowing him to walk more upright. This additional support allowed him to hike longer distances with less pain.

    That’s why the first pack he designed incorporated the vest harness.

    If you’ve found yourself unable to backpack as easily and as long as you once did, you may want to seriously consider the vest harness. We make no claims that the vest harness is a miracle cure, but it did help Moak get back to really enjoying backpacking again. And we hope it might help you, too.

    Standard Shoulder Straps

    There are several reasons you might choose a Standard Should Strap Harness:

    1. If you’re used to carrying a traditional backpacking pack and aren’t from the running world, you will probably be comfortable with standard shoulder straps.

    2. If you are a full-chested woman or broad-chested man, you might find the vest harness constricting. In this case, the S-Curve shoulder straps could provide a better hiking experience.

    3. The standard shoulder straps are easier to slip out of if you want to take an extended break without the weight of your pack.

    • Adjustable Torso Length
    • Three Shoulder strap Style options (Shoulder Harness, S-Curve or Vest Harness)
    • Three Exterior Woven Pockets so you only have to unload your pack when its time to set up camp.
      • Rear Pocket
      • Two Side Pockets
    • Breathable and Durable 4-way Stretch Material
    • Large Shoulder Strap Pockets to keep things close at hand
    • Removable Hip Belt
    • Minimal Contact Back Panel
    • Top Loading with Dry Bag Closure
    • Internal Zippered Stash Pocket For your wallet and other small necessities
    • Multiple Point Cord Compression System to keep your load stabilized no matter the size
    • Single Ice Axe or Trekking pole attachment point
    • Two layers of material in key point to strengthen the pack and prevent holes.
    • Dual Hydration Ports
    • Removable Hydration Bladder
    • Sliding Sternum Straps on Vest and Shoulder Harness
    • Delrin Hoop Stay for added support on those heavy load days.
    • Suspension
      Torso Sizes

      Maximum Load
      Minimum Load

      Flight Series
      16" - 22" | 38 - 56 cm

      11"W X 7"D X 22"T
      Heather Grey, Navy, Coyote Brown, Blue, Red
      35 lb - 14 kg
      15 lb - 5.5 kg or less
      Lightweight Backpacking
      Long Distance Backpacking

    • Pack Body

      Body Contact
      LiteSkin LS07, LS21
      or  X-Pac VX07, VX21

      3D Mesh
      4-Way Stretch
    • Body
      Extension Collar
      Exterior Pockets

      Total Volume
      2319 ci - 38 L
      366 - 6 L
      305 - 5 L

      2990 ci - 49 L
    • LS07 & VX07 Body
      VX21 & VX21 Body
      Delrin Stay
      Shoulder Strap
      Hip Belt

      Total Weight:
      LS07 & VX07 Weight
      LS21 &VX21 Weight
      19.7 oz - 558 g
      20.6 oz - 584 g
      3 oz - 85 g
      5.7 oz - 162 g
      6.5 oz - 184 g

      34.8 oz - 989 g
      35.8 oz - 1015 g
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