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We offer Three different hip belt styles (Standard, Ultralight and UL Padded). While all of our hip belts can be used interchangeably between all of our packs. Selecting the right hip belt for your specific load weight and waist size is important. The Standard hip belt is for heavier loads is the default hip belt on our Fusion Series packs and Flight 40 - Backpacker. The Ultralight Hip Belt is the original lighter weight hip belt and is standard on the Flight 40 - FKT. The Ultralight Hip Belt runs smaller than other models. The UL Padded Hip Belt is our newer lightweight hip belt and comes standard on our Flight 30 and Minimalist packs.

Below is our size comparison table. You can find our updated size guide here.


Our Ultralight Hip Belt is constructed from 1/8" thick 3D Mesh. This soft foam mesh is filled with holes to allow moisture to pass through. While this belt will provide some load transfer. It is recommended primarily for stabilizing the pack while trail running.

This Hip Belt is good for carrying weights comfortably between 25 and 30 pounds.

The Standard Hip Belt is constructed from multiple layers to provide both comfort and load support. The inner layer is a soft 1/8" thick 3D mesh. It is backed by a stiffer 3/8" thick foam core. To provide the structural rigidity necessary for load transfers, we added a rigid plastic sheet. This allows the pack weight to be distributed down and outward around your hips.

There is a cut out in the plastic at each end of the hip belt. When this is combined with our unique buckle, the hip belt can articulate and wrap around your hip bone. The unique 4 point buckle system allows you to lock the angle of the hip belt for a more comfortable and secure fit.

This Hip Belt is good for carrying weights comfortably from 30 pounds to well above.


Dual One Liter Pockets - Too many packs employ hip belt pockets so small they'd crush a candy bar. Other packs make them add on option. Where they tend to slide off the hip belt unless properly secured.

The hip belt pockets on Six Moon Designs packs are some of the largest in the industry. At one liter each, they are sized large enough to carry a small camera, GPS, snacks, sun screen and other needed items. They are easy to open. Provide quick access needed gear. Still they aren't so large as to get in your way.

Four Point Buckle - Milti-Adjustment hip belts are not uncommon. However, typically there is a single piece of webbing that runs continuously between the tri-glide, buckle and back. With this arrangement the buckle can slide along the webbing. So as you walk the buckle will start to center itself between the two adjusters.

Our unique four point buckle system terminates each adjustable webbing at the buckle. This allows you to lock the angle of the hip belt. It will maintain the angle of the hip belt and provide you with a more comfortable and secure fit.



Standard Hip Belt

X-Small Small Medium Large
Padded Length 22" - 56 cm 26" - 65 cm 30" - 76 cm 34" - 86 cm
Waist Sizes 23 - 38"
58 - 89 cm
27 - 39"
68 - 99 cm
31 - 41"
79 - 104 cm
35 - 55"
89 - 140 cm
Weight 9 oz - 255 g 10 oz - 280 g 11 oz - 310 g 13 oz - 370 g

Ultralight Hip Belt

UL X-Small UL Small UL Medium UL Large
Padded Length 22" - 56 cm 26" - 65 cm 30" - 76 cm 34" - 86 cm
Waist Sizes 27 - 37"
65 - 94 cm
29 - 39"
73 - 99 cm
33 - 43"
84 - 109 cm
37 - 57"
94 - 144 cm
Weight 5.7 oz - 162 g 6.0 oz - 170 g 6.2 oz - 176 g 6.7 oz - 190 g

Ultralight Padded Hip Belt

Small Medium Large
Padded Length 24" - 65 cm 30" - 76 cm 34" - 86 cm
Waist Sizes 25 - 39"
61 - 99 cm
31 - 41"
79 - 104 cm
36 - 55"
89 - 140 cm
Weight 6.1 oz - 173 g 6.65 oz - 188 g 7.2 oz - 204 g
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Jim C.
United States United States
New hip belt

I have a Swift X that I really like. My only problem with it is I sometimes need to carry 8 liters of water for a desert backpack. This belt helps me carry more weight comfortably.

Cathy K.
United States United States

I bought the hip belt to replace an old one in which the zipper broke after much use. I love this Hip Belt. It is comfortable and has a zipper pouch on both sides of the clasp. The zipper pouch is a big enough for my phone plus I can put my Inreach mini, a snack bar and my lip balm and whistle in the pouch on the other side. By far my favorite pack of the five I have.

Don A.
United States United States
Best belt ever

Love the comfort and support. Easy to adjust. Moves the load to my hips so I hardly notice I have a pack on.