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Silver Shadow Carbon Trekking Umbrella

6.8 oz - 193 g Trekking Umbrella

Redesigned for 2019 we have expanded the Silver Shadow into a line of umbrellas that offers a variety of options and prices. 

Walking across deserts in the blazing sun or through summer rain showers shouldn't be a misery. The Silver Shadow Series provides a large reflective surface on top to deflect sunlight and a black underside to absorb wandering rays, allowing you to walk cooler and better protected.  Its coating sheds water easily, eliminating the need to wear sweaty rain gear.

  • The Silver Shadow Carbon is the crown jewel of hiking umbrellas. A sleek, carbon fiber shaft, spreader, and ribs drop the weight of this umbrella to a mere 6.8 oz while maintaining full coverage. Its rigid shaft insures that it won't unexpectedly collapse and its simple construction ensures years of trouble-free use. The simple design with minimal parts keeps it light and durable. There are simply fewer things to break or malfunction.

  • Wherever you travel, a Silver Shadow should be part of your kit!


    • Weight: 6.8 oz - 193 g
    • Length: 25" - 63.5 cm
    • Open Width: 37" - 94 cm
    • Coverage: 7.5 ft2 or .7 m2
    • Shaft Length: 23.5" - 60cm
    • Carbon Fiber Frame
    • EVA foam handle
    • UPF 50+ Rating

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Customer Reviews
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    Kim K.
    Pasco WA
    Who Knew An Umbrella Could Make My Life Better?

    I saw a few nobos last year with umbrellas; after reading thru hikers' waxing rhapsodic about the benefits of hiking with an umbrella, I decided to try it. I'm not crazy about rain gear because it's difficult to balance temperature regulation with staying dry. An umbrella made a huge difference. I opted for the non-collapsible version because I'm cheap. I use an old external-frame pack (again, I'm cheap), and this umbrella easily attached to my pack's frame in a way that's easy to access quickly. (I used some stretchy cord toward the top & my trekking poles' strip of Velcro at the bottom.) I have a very short torso so attaching things to my shoulder straps can be an issue (there just isn't much room there), but using 'biners to attach the umbrella's hang loop & the shaft worked well. (I have a gear pocket on one of my shoulder straps. I attached the hang loop below it & the shaft above it.) In light rain, my Tyvek rain skirt (seriously, I'm a cheapskate) & this umbrella kept me dry (because I hike with trekking poles, my forearms & hands got damp, but my torso stayed dry). (I also wear a broad-brimmed hat; this helped, but the umbrella meant my hat's waterproofness was never seriously challenged.) When the downpour hit, I put on my rain jacket but I kept the umbrella up. I was much more comfortable than I would have been with just the jacket. And if you're using a backcountry toilet in the rain, an umbrella is AWESOME.

    Great Backpacking Kit for sun exposure

    Purchased the umbrella for the 38.5 mile Trans Catalina Trail, due to the full sun exposure. I did receive a defective piece. However Six Moons excellent customer service took care of it right away. I was able to strap on the umbrella to my shoulder strap for a hands free experience. It covered my upper torso the majority of the trail. It did feel about 10 degrees cooler when in use. Lastly the umbrella is not only light weight but it withstood many scrapes against brush and trees with no signs of wear. This is a must have for exposed trail in hot temps.

    Jon S.
    Lyon, France
    Best parasol umbrella yet

    I love umbrellas for backpacking and I've gone through a lot of them. This is the best that I've used. The most outstanding feature is its durability. The durability is the result of carbon fiber thick enough on the ribs and main pole to resist strong winds even at high mountain passes as well as the simplicity of design. There is a small penalty in lack of convenience. I believe that there is only one spring at the top of the pole and none at the bottom. The umbrella does not "lock" down when it's closed. The ribs do not collapse. These inconveniences are easily made up for by reliability in alpine environments and lighter weight. I haven't used an anemometer to test it but it has stood up to winds better than any UL umbrella I've used. I've carried my all day during two weeks' hiking. Kept me cooler in very hot sun, kept me drier in rain, kept me out of strong winds, and even did duty as a low tarp door during one particularly nasty storm. I just wish that the shipping cost to France were lower. I bought this one on a trip to the States and will definitely buy another. I thought I wouldn't like the lack of collapsability/foldability but it's so totally worth it to have an umbrella that stands up to alpine conditions. Thanks to SMD for bringing this market!

    John A. Burke
    Ultimate Sun And Rain Protection

    Very high quality product-so very light; and excellent protection from sun/rain.Used it the day I received it (intense sun& rain). Heat wave here in the northeast; so plenty of sun and that late afternoon thunderstorms! I am going to spread the word about your products and I must say I would not hesitate to purchase any of your products. Thank you for such a speedy delivery and updates on Pkg. delivery.Your service is exceptional and I can rarely say that with these other conglomerates! Thank you so very much- wish you the best! You have my business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kettle Falls,Wa.
    Lighter is better,great up grade

    If you want light this for you, wokmanship looks good ,have used it in the rain give geat coverage, so light you would hardly notice if the wind ripped it from your hand,