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Lunar Duo - Outfitter

57 oz - 1600 g Two Person Tent

The Lunar Duo - Outfitter provides the backcountry traveler an unsurpassed amount of space, comfort, durability and low cost. Constructed from durable 190T Polyester and at three and a half pounds, it still packs both smaller and lighter than any tent of similar size.

  • Three Words Describe the Lunar Duo

    Spacious This tent is at home in a campground as much as atop a windswept ridge and large enough for four adults to sit and play a game of cards.
    Secure No matter how bad the weather, you can batten down the hatches for a comfortable night's sleep.
    Ultralight Lunar Duo offers no compromises despite the fact that it’s less than half the weight of your traditional tent.

    The Lunar Duo offers the most interior room of any tent in its class and weight range. Dual curved poles located on either side create a unique arched roof. Combined with a tent height of 45 inches and a width of 54 inches leaves so much interior space you've got room to spare.

    With dual oversize vestibules, each person has plenty of weatherproof storage for gear. The Lunar Duo's two vestibules can be deployed to multiple positions. When fully open, it provides maximum cross ventilation, keeping you cool and those pesky mosquitoes at bay. They can be raised or lowered, ensuring that you can achieve the optimum configuration for the weather you're likely to encounter. The Lunar Duo's vertical sidewalls prevent rain falling into the tent.

    Like all our shelters the Lunar Duo is designed to be pitched with adjustable trekking poles or with our fixed length aluminum or carbon fiber poles (sold separately).

    • Heavy Duty #8 Zippers provides more durability for this two-person tent.
    • Dual Full Vestibules provide protection while still maintaining good ventilation when closed. Open both vestibules to maximize ventilation and view.
    • High Vents provide additional moisture control.
    • Dual Entry ensures each person has their own door for those nightly trips.
    • Single Piece Bathtub Floor makes a more watertight floor.
    • Easy Tension Adjustment makes keeping the tent taut a trivial task that can be accomplished while still in your sleeping bag. Re-tension straps have been added to all tie out points.
    • Floating Canopy allows the canopy to be set to different heights.
    • Dual Hiking Pole Support
    • Dual Cargo Pockets
    • Extremely Easy Setup in less than five minutes under any conditions.

1. Weight does not include stakes or pole. 2Support poles sold separately.

Lost your set-up instructions? Additional instructions can be downloaded here.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews
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    Chris M.
    Newmarket, NH
    Great Lightweight Tent

    This tent is perfectly long and wide enough for a couple and a dog. The use of hiking poles instead of a frame is a genius idea to drop weight. Depending on if you are on a platform or ground, I've found you can actually have the poles setup either way (tip up or down). The Tyvek is a nice light-weight way to keep the tent off the ground. Definitely recommend bringing p-cord to assist with staking as the tension is super important to make sure the tent works. The p-cord can also help keep the sides closed when it is colder or windier.

    David E.
    Worcester MA
    Thoughts on the Floor and Improvising Poles

    Exactly what I was hoping for: simple functionality - at a bargain. I confess I haven't tested it beyond the living room but here are some preliminary thoughts. I want to specifically point out that the "bathtub floor" does indeed present a non-screen i.e. waterproof vertical barrier to a height of approx 3 inches to prevent flooding in a downpour. In rain I'm planning to try the supplemental tie points for keeping these walls at their maxim height before staking the tent perimeter tighter to the ground. Then there's the topic of improvising hiking poles or saplings as tent poles. While my wife's twin adjustable hiking poles work fine, the tiny carbide points swimming in the 5/16 inch ID grommets, only some downhill ski poles (which I prefer for hiking) barely fit. As for making do with a campsite sourced tree branch or sapling, plan A seems to be whittling one end to a point much like the hiking pole. While the alternative of slotting the sapling to accept the nylon loop containing the grommet might seem a natural solution, the very tricky part there is to avoid bumping the pole up against the black vent fabric which is not designed for this kind of stress. A design improvement might be to add a pouch to the nylon strap or provide more space between pole top and vent. My wife and I are paddle campers and 4 season hikers hoping to 4 season backpack more than occasionally.

    Western NC
    Luxury Palace

    So, right off the bat this shelter is a palace. I use it by myself and have room for a "pack dump" and still not get cramped for space... I recently returned from Utah, spending 5 continuous days in this shelter and have ZERO complaints. Solid construction, well though out design, and very easy to set up (especially for a non-free standing shelter). There are so many different configurations you can use to pitch it, open vestibules, inch or two higher/lower with trekking poles to achieve desired extra ventilation and/or floor height, or take it snug to the ground and lock it down in severe weather. I am 6'2" and have no issues with my head or feet hitting at either end, and have plenty of room to sit up/move around... Definitely not worried about being stuck in a claustrophobic tent with this thing if weather turns to ****... The design of this shelter is superior to any other shelter I've used. The arched ceiling and the interior head space it creates, combined with double entry and vestibules that you can completely open and tie back for mild weather provides nothing short of back-country luxury living, all while coming in at a weight that beats anything that comes even close to being as spacious.... I bought the "Outfitter" model, and after teetering around shopping for a new shelter, I am beyond pleased with my Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo... and you will be too!

    Bellevue WA
    Great Value: 1/4 of the price of Cuben Fiber, I have no problems with packing a few more ounces!

    Lets think about this, Perfectly fabulous, high quality tent at $40 bucks per pound vs. Super fabulous super fiber at $400 buck per pound, sure it is a bit heavier but I know I'm packing at least an extra 5 to 6 POUNDS around my middle in pure 'energy' some might call this belly fat. As soon as I loose the 5 pounds around my middle I can purchase the lighter tent, until that time I can find lots of other places to spend the extra 400 or so dollars. Thanks Six Moons for a great tent!

    Lunar Duo - Outfitter

    Buying a lower cost tent is a very scary thing. I had looked at many and bought a few. I was always very disappointed with the quality, size and mainly zippers. The Lunar Duo Outfitter tent is simply amazing! I pulled it out of the bag and began to unroll the tent. Immediately I was blown away by the quality! The screen felt very tough, and the zippers FINALLY an amazing zipper! This tent is HUGE! For a 2 person tent anyways. Very easy to set up even without looking at the directions. When you touch and see this tent in person you will feel its quality. It may be made in China, but it is built with high quality materials and care! Deserves more then 5 star!