Your Guide to Truck Camping by Jada Lippincott
I got the dreaded text from my landlord a few months ago telling me that they were selling the house that I was living in and that I had to be out in three weeks, or I could buy the place. There was only one option there, ha. I knew I didn’t want to get involved in another house, apartment or anything else that had a concrete foundation. That’s when I decided to buy a Toyota Tundra and move into it full time, my dog and me. 
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What to Pack for a Day Hike by Mickey Martin aka The Virtual Sherpa
What should you pack for a day hike? Should my packing list be different during various seasons? How about for a 14er hike? I get asked these questions all the time. Whether you are heading to hike around your local State Park or a demanding summit, it’s important to have a bag full of the necessary items and gear. Over thousands of miles of day hiking, I have refined my bag and thought I would share with you all. Below is a list of gear that I recommend for a typical day hike. 
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