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41 oz Two Person
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Three words define the Lunar Duo.

Spacious This tent is at home in a campground as much as a top a wind swept ridge and large enough for four adults to sit and play a game of cards.
Secure No matter how bad the weather, you can batten down the hatches for a comfortable nights sleep.
Ultralight Lunar Duo offers no compromises despite the fact that it’s less than half the weight of your traditional tent.

The Lunar Duo offers the most interior room of any tent in its class and weight range. Dual curved poles located either side create an unique arched roof. Combined with a tent height of 45 inches and width of 54 inches leaves so much interior space you've got room to spare.

The Lunar Duo's two vestibules can be deployed to multiple positions. Fully open, provides maximum cross ventilation, keeping you cool and those pesky mosquitoes at bay. They can be raised or lowered, insuring that you can achieve the optimum configuration for the weather you're likely to encounter. The Lunar Duo's vertical sidewalls prevents rain falling into the tent.

With dual oversize vestibules, each person has plenty of weatherproof storage for gear.

New 2012 Edition

  • Heavy Duty #5 Zippers provides more duability for this two person tent.


  • Dual Full Vestibule provides protection while still maintaining good ventilation when closed. Open both vestibules to maximize ventilation and view.
  • High Vents provides additional moisture control.
  • Dual Entry ensures each person has their own door for those nightly trips.
  • Single Piece Bathtub Floor makes a more watertight floor.
  • Easy Tensioning Adjustment makes keeping your the tent taut a trivial task that can be accomplished while still in your sleeping bag. Re-tension straps have been added to all tie out points.
  • Floating Canopy allows the canopy to be set to different heights.
  • Dual Hiking Pole Support
  • Dual Cargo Pockets.
  • Extremely Easy Setup in less than five minutes under any conditions.
Additional Info

Hang Tag (PDF)
Data Sheet (PDF)

General Structure
Ships With
Pack Size

Tent, Stuff Sack, Guylines
15" X 6"
41 oz. - 1.1k 
Ultralight Backpacking, General camping

Floor Space 
Vestibule Size 
Vestibule Total 
Single Wall
Two Pole
Dual Side Entry
34 ft2 - 3.2 m2
12 ft2 - 1.1 m2
24 ft2 - 2.2 m2
Materials Notes
Spacer Poles
30D Silicon Nylon
30D Silicon Nylon 
20D Ultralight No-See-Um
#5 YKK
Easton 7075 HS
  1. Weight does not include stakes or pole.
  2. Stakes not included.
  3. Vertical Poles not included.


Customer Reviews:

Rufid  (Friday, 29 June 2012)
Rating: 0
If your on the wall about purchasing this product,don't be.It will meet all of your expectations.rnrnJust read the rest of the reviews;you don't need me to babble on.rn

xprg40kk  (Friday, 18 May 2012)
Rating: 0
I recently purchased this tent - i set it up in my backyard and was glad i did -- would not want to set it up in the dark at 10000 feet -- but once setup it is very easy to see how it works and it goes up as fast as any other tent -- no worries there -- have a high ceiling and is quite roomy -- so its easy not to bump the ceiling and therefore help avoid tent rain --so i give condensation an average vote - proably like any other tent -- it is way light -- probably half the weight of my traditional 2 man tent and still weighs less than my tradtional one man tent -- packs down smaller than my old 2 man tent -- as best i understand its made of a fiber thats not coated but is saturated with silicon probalby making it quite water proof -- but it did not rain on me so i can't speak to that from experience -- the floor is slippery by virture of the silicon and i found my big agmus mattress and my therarest mattress both moving aroung alot during the 1st night -- the 2nd night i positioned my pack under the lower part of the mattress for leg elevation and discovered this helped the mattress hold a little more still during the night -- maybe somekine of a spray on the tent floor and the big agnus pad would help eleviate this problem -- this might be a question for the folks at six moon -- overall -------- the tent is well constructed -- i did not feel like it was going to rip or tear -- it seems solid for what it is -- my dogs toe nails did not damage the floor -- nor did her rolling into the side of the netting cause any problems thus far ---- there is no possible way i will ever go back to my old tent -- no how no way not possible --- i give this tent 6 stars not 5 cause i am into ultra light weight backpacking --with all the aches and pains that come at 56 years old this tent fits the bill -- i ordered a one man tent yesterday -- the skyscrape trekker -- Robert Green

rsbukowski  (Thursday, 10 May 2012)
Rating: 4
Hi.rnRecently purchased the Lunar Duo - Explorer (41 Ounce 2 Person Tent) with seam seal, 2x Easton Carbon Fiber Pole, 2x 8" Easton Stake and the Tyvek Footprint. We compared this tent to others in the same classification - after youtube videos...we were sold.rnrnwe'll be using this throughout a European adventure this summer. The idea is to mix some camping with our couchsurfing.rnrnThe simulated test in our backyard on medium high winds 15-20 mph and rain was overall successful. During our multiple setups my girlfriend and I established:rnrn8" stakes work great for staking down the door sides.rnBoth the Easton poles and my cheap Mountain Hardware hiking pole worked great. I like the MH a tad better just because of that metal tip really digs into the groundrnrnThe rest of the tent was staked down with MSR 6" stakes, I prefer the hook attachment.rnrnAfter setup, it would have been nice to loosely stake the floor of the tent to the ground. Minor but if your going to attach 6 extra guideline loops to begin with, two could be spaced out at the bottom of each entrance.rnrnAttached 2m Para-cord to the 4 sides and 2.5m on the middle ones. rnrnThe Tyvek is crap. After comparing dimensions with other tents and footprints these 3 came closest:rnMarmot ASTRAL 2P FOOTPRINT DARK TERRA: $60.00rnKelty GUNNISON 2.1 FOOTPRINT: $39.95rnBig Agnes STRING RIDGE 2 FOOTPRINT CHARCOAL 2 PERSON: $60.00rnAstral: Fit was perfect, we kept thisrnKelty: Was a little bit too small but cheaper and probably just as effective. Returned.rnBA: weird shape. Returned. rnrnTent gets down to the size of an ostrich egg in an XS compression sack. Sea to Summit - some version that sends air out. rnrnThanks for reading.rn

beth  (Monday, 12 March 2012)
Rating: 5
Hiked 170 miles of the John Muir Trail using this tent in August, 2011. We were very pleased with the weight and space. We carried the optional poles, for fear our trekking poles might break (one did!). We did get very wet one night in a dewy valley,inside the tent and out, but so did another group in a conventional tent. Interior moisture was not an issue on the other 11 nights. We did not experience any rain, so can't speak to that. The tent was very sturdy in high winds so we always felt secure. One passerby knew our tent name and asked how we liked it, with a look of regret in his eye that he wasn't packing one.It is my favorite backpacking gear, along with my Bearicades!

smaspinall  (Sunday, 01 January 2012)
Rating: 5
Got my Lunar Duo 4 days after ordering it (over the Christmas period to boot) and I'm incredibly impressed. The workmanship is top notch and it's a breeze to set up. rnrnThus far I've only used it to backyard camp but it definitely exceeded my expectations; that night it rained pretty much the whole night and there was absolutely zero condensation on the inside.rnrnI love how roomy it is inside and I cannot wait to take this on the trail with me.


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