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As you can see our website has undergone a major overhaul. Lately, we've been putting in some long days to revamp the site to make your experience simpler and more pleasurable.

Some of the new features include:

  • The new website is based upon state of the art, database driven Content Management System software. What does this means in practical terms? Basically it makes it easier to add and make changes to the site without needing to tinker with the code. So we can add content significantly easier than before.
  • The integrated content now brings our store, blog, forums and support pages all sharing the same user interface.
  • Unified login allows you navigate through all of the features with a single user login.
  • Better integration of images and video. We hope to add more videos to the site overtime. Especially videos illustrating proper shelter setup.
  • Better contact feature to help keep in touch with us and get your questions answered.
  • New powerful Site Search, allows you to search all of our content.

In order to use many of the features of the new website, you'll need to login. This will allow you to participate in discussions in the forums, add comments to articles and add product reviews.

We've successfully ported over most of the existing users from our old website. So you shouldn't have any problem logging on to the new one. If you've recently joined Six Moon Designs on the old website, your user information may not have been ported.

To login, use your email address as the login and your old password. If you've forgotten your password, the system can mail you a new one. Unfortunately we were not able to bring across all of the old sales history. So you won't be able to look up past orders.

If you've logged in, you will see a comments form below. Use this to let us know how you feel about the new website.





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