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There's nothing like a good website hack to get your juices flowing. After the initial shock and scrambling to get the site back up and running, we decided it'd be good time to do a bit of house cleaning. So the last few days, I've upgraded the site to the latest versions of the software we use. While it wouldn't not have prevented the kind of system wide hack we experienced, it does clean up a number of small security holes in the site. We've also taken the time to add a bit more functionality to the website.

Check out our new features!

New Website Features:

  1. No Out of Stock orders. In the past we've taken orders on out of stock items. Then processed them when the products were available. For clarity, we've decided to discontinue that practice. If an item is Out of Stock you'll find a new Availability button. If you click that button, your email will be entered into our database. As soon as the product is back in stock, you'll automatically receive a notification.
  2. A new "Ask a question about this product" option is available on your product page. If you've got questions, just click and ask. We'll try to respond in short order.
  3. We've configured the website for "No Registration Ordering". We've had a number of request to allow people to place orders without needing to register for the site. You can now do this. However, registering still has it's benefits. By registering with Six Moon Designs, you have full access to our Forums. You can also review a history of past orders.
  4. We've installed a new system to simply web-page address. Instead of typing long complex address to get to a web-page, we've got a new simpler system. Going to the tarps page is as simple as typing .




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