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alt Starting in 2014 we're introducing a whole new lineup of backpacks. In the last decade much has changed in the world of ultralight and lightweight packs. Over the years dealing with packs, we've learned a lot. In addition we brought in Brian Frankle to help with the design of our next generation packs.

Together, we've combined our expertise both in the design of ultralight packs and in their usage. Over the years we've carried lightweight packs over thousands of trail miles, talked to thousands of users and worked hard to go back to understanding the fundamentals of both pack design and use.

Designed by Brian, our new Fast & Light or Flight Series of packs includes features not seen on packs of this type. The new vest harness, stabilizes the pack so that it moves as you move. It helps with the load transfer and provides a convenient place to store need equipment.

Our Fusion Series draws deeply on the talents of both Brian and Ron. Both from an ascetic point of view and from the core structure of the pack. The Fusion Packs are designed to specifically to eliminate the need to factor in total pack weight when choosing a pack. These lightweight packs are designed to comfortably carry whatever the pack will hold.

We sincerely hope you enjoy carrying these packs half as much as we have designing them.

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Traveler Pack

62 oz. Travelers Pack
You Save: 30.00%

Fusion 65

52 oz. Pack

Fusion 50

49 oz Pack

Flight 40 Backpacker

44 oz Pack

Flight 40 - FKT

39 oz UL Pack

Flight 30

27 oz UL Pack

Flex Pack

51 oz Pack
You Save: 30.00%

2014 Fusion 50

36 oz Pack
You Save: $110.00

2014 Fusion 50 - International Orders

36 oz Pack
You Save: $110.00

Standard Hip Belt

Padded Hip Belt

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