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The Haven NetTent is the perfect companion for the Haven Tarp. It's specifically designed for hikers looking for an ultralight double wall shelter option. With an overall length of 88" (224 cm) and vertical end walls, the Haven NetTent will accommodate the tallest hikers.

The peak of the tent has been shifted forward towards the head of the tent. This means when you sit up, your correctly positioned at the peak of the tent. In a reclined position the netting is kept well off your face. The 44" (112 cm) width of the peak easily allows two people to sit up and do chores in comfort.

Dual doors allows each person has their own exit. No more crawling over your partner in the dark of night.

Unlike most net tents that slope directly from the peak to the floor. The Haven NetTent has vertical walls at either end which raises the netting off your face and feet, allows for a smaller footprint and more usable interior space.

The Haven NetTent easily clips into the Haven Tarp after the tarp has been setup. Setting up the tent in the rain is a simple matter of setting up the tarp, crawling in, then unfolding and hanging the Haven NetTent. This keeps the Haven NetTent dry. When taking down the tent in the rain, simply reverse the process. Store the Haven NetTent in your pack to keep it dry and place the Haven Tarp in an outside pocket of your pack.


  • Dual Side Entry makes getting in and out simple and easy.
  • Wide Canopy provides lots of headroom when sitting up doing chores.
  • Long Floor provides ample room for the largest hiker
  • 6" Bathtub Floor 
  • Easy Setup allows the Haven NetTent to be used by itself or with the Haven Tarp.
Additional Info

Hang Tag (PDF)
Data Sheet (PDF)

General Structure
Ships With
Pack Size
Tent, Stuff Sack, Guylines
12" X 4.5"
16 oz. - 450 g
Ultralight Backpacking

Double Pole
Dual Side Entry

44” X 88” - 112 cm X 224 cm
27 ft2 - 2.5 m2

Materials Notes
30D Silicon Nylon
20D Ultralight Polyester No-See-Um
#3 YKK
  1. Weight does not include stakes or pole.
  2. Stakes not included.

Customer Reviews:

Nickodemus  (Saturday, 21 March 2015)
Rating: 2
Light and easy to set up, even in a storm. Excellent egrress for both sleepers. We used this net tent with a Cuben Haven tarp last summer during a monsoonal period on a section of the PCT. We experienced fourteen days of rain and at least three of those days where it rained so hard that water flooded over the top of the short 2” bathtub floor. All the tent sites were flooded and the only tents that stayed dry had tall bathtub floors that were sealed.
Also, my wife ripped the floor by pulling on the tab that is supposed to go under the end of the pole. She is a very small person and I do not think she is capable of tearing the floor by pulling on the tab without a flaw in the construction or the fabric, but who knows. This tab seems superfluous if you use trekking poles anyway.
Aside from these two issues, it is an excellent design and I believe they have addressed these issues on the Serenity Net tent. Now all they have to do is fix the Haven Net tent and I will purchase another.

dylancwood  (Sunday, 27 July 2014)
Rating: 5
I purchased this last minute directly from the SMD folks in Beaverton. To practice, I set the net tent up in 'free standing' mode in no more than 15 minutes, including cutting and tying the 6 guy lines. The next day we got some real world experience setting up the net tent in light winds atop a high saddle on the Elk Horn Crest Trail near Baker City. My partner and I set the tent up in less than three minutes, and were able to crawl in away from the mosquitos without getting a single bite. The tent held up well in light winds, and afforded great views of the night sky and sunset.rnI highly recommend this tent, even if you don't plan on using it with the Haven tarp (which we don't).rnrnPros: Roomy enough for two and our 70 lb dog. Ample head room. Intuitive design that is easy to set up and get taught. Super lightweight. rnrnCons: On slightly uneven ground, the slippery floor caused us to slide to one side, and eventually dislodge the trekking pole on that side. This could probably be fixed easily by striping the floor with seam-sealer.rnrnHighly recommended.

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