Skyscape 2011

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The Skyscape is a Hybrid Double Wall / Single Wall three season solo shelter. Its use of Double Walls is designed to maximize the user comfort, while a Single Wall section is incorporated to minimize weight. The Skyscape takes full advantage of this to keep the final projected weight of the Ultralight version to 24 ounces.


In spite of the lightweight, the Skyscape still has more than adequate room for the tallest of hikers to stretch out in comfort. With its dual pole design, it sets up rock solid with a minimum of three stakes. Two additional stakes are required to anchor the dual vestibules. This makes the Skyscape one of the easiest shelters to set quickly and right the first time and every time.

The Skyscape profile is designed to shed wind, rain or snow. No matter which direction they are driven. Its peak is off center to provide maximum space while sitting up and eliminate the claustrophobia of a ceiling right over your face. With an overall footprint of ten feet by six feet, the Skyscape will fit into a wide range of campsites.

The Skyscape will be available with an optional porch. This is easily fitted to the tent and can be used in multiple configurations. If fully deployed there's ample room for a couple of people to ride out a rainstorm in comfort. If you want some additional protection, you can set the porch for more protection while still maintaining easy entry and views.

The Skyscape is expected to be available in 2nd quarter of 2011. Stay tuned for pricing and configuration options.




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